This article will explain how to add article for recipes.


1. Copy the code below into your clipboard.

|tier = novice, amateur, apprentice, initiate, journeyman
|profession = artificer, blacksmith, outfitter
|lvl = <recipe level>
|faction=100, 200, 300, 400, 500
|type = refining, finishing, assembly
|section = normal, primary, secondary, miscellanaeous, special 
|skill = <recipe skill>
|upgraderecipe= <upgrade recipe>
|ingredients = 
*(#) [[recipe|description]]
|enhancements = 
*[[Attuning Dust]][[Attuning Powder]]...etc.
|tools = 
*[[Measuring Stick]]
*[[Measuring Stick]]
|description = A weapon recipe for stone mauls.

==Continental Effects==

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2. Click the 'Contribute Button at the top right of the article.

3. Select Add Page

4. Enter the Item Name recipe in the title box.

5. Click the code button from the menu bar (if in wysiwyg editing mode).

6. Paste the code from step 1.

7. Edit the template.

8. Click Preview at the top right of the editing article to view what your page will look like.

9. Click Publish if you are happy with your page.

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