Quest crafting Artisan's Saga: Cartheon Artifacts
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 15
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 15
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -84544, -3631, 4823 in Ahgram (-14, -11)
Starting Chunk Ahgram
Ending Chunk Ahgram
Offered By Lulu Hikat
Quest Series Artisan's Saga Crafting Timeline
Previous Artisan's Saga: Lulu's Blueprint
Concurrent with: none
Next Artisan's Saga: Machinations
XP Reward 58520 (scales with your level)
Coin Reward Silver 5 Copper 0
Free to Play yes
Armor Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Repaired Cartheon Dagger (1)
  • Cartheon Tome Rune (1)
  • Cartheon Chest Contents (1)
  • Cartheon Residue (1)

Experiment on each of the objects recovered from the area the Cartheon were located at. Return any experimentation results to Lulu Hikat in Ahgram.



  • Ahgram Laborer Vest (Clothing, Crafting Chest, +12 Reasoning, +12 Ingenuity, +18 Crafting Station Use, +18 Crafting Utility Use, +18 Crafting Tool Use, 15, 20)
  • Ahgram Laborer Trousers (Clothing, Crafting Legs, +9 Problem Solving, +9 Finesse, +15 Crafting Station Use, +15 Crafting Utility Use, +15 Crafting Tool Use, 15, 20)


Head to the crafting tables in Ahgram (Are you carrying fresh fish? - beware of the smelly cat).

You will now have a new finishing recipe Cartheon Research Recipe and require to complete the process to the B quality level.

Repeat the recipe for each of the four items you found in the previous quest.

When done, return to Lulu.

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