Quest crafting Artisan's Saga: Mythos in Action
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 11
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 11
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -28946, 28045, 36546 in New Targonor (-27, 24)
Starting Chunk New Targonor
Ending Chunk New Targonor
Offered By various
Quest Series Artisan's Saga Crafting Timeline
Previous Artisan's Saga: World of the Arcane
Concurrent with: none
Next Artisan's Saga: It's a Difference of Firepower
XP Reward 8470
Coin Reward Silver 5 Copper 0
Free to Play yes
Jewelry Reward yes
Consumable Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Find Evidence of the Order's Current Activities
  • Gather Information about the Order's Intentions
  • Gather any Relevant Documents or Materials

Assist the Banishers in attacking the Order of the Mythos and attempt to find their intentions towards the Cartheons. Return to Ashlyn Blackshield when the assault is complete, successful or not.



  • Suspected Mythos Location (-36341, 22677, 36072 in New Targonor, Lamplighter's District)
  • Banishers Sanctuary (-28355, 29058, 36547 in New Targonor, Citizen's Forum)



2. Lamplighter's District
10. Citizen's Forum

Evidence (-34785, 22912, 36120 in New Targonor) -- behind crates at Suspected location.

You rummage through the books and scrolls and find some interesting information the two cultists had stashed back here when attacked by the Banisher Priests. This information has a lot of references to an artifact from Qalia known as the Ha'toh. It appears the Order of the Mythos thinks it can help them steal the secrets of the Cartheon.

It might help to see if one of the cultists will talk more now that you found their little secrets.

Talk to cultist -- "Mind telling me about these documents?"...

Cultist summons fiend that is killed quickly by Banisher Priests.

Return to Ashlyn.

"Ashlyn examines the documents you brought while listening to you relaying the information. I see. So they need an artifact in Ahgram to deal with the Cartheon? It figures, their skills are insufficient for the task. Ashlyn manages a slight smile.

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