Quest crafting Bordinar's Cleft Upkeep
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 10
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered xx
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 2861, -72640, 86956 in Bordinar's Cleft (-28, 26)
Starting Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Ending Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Offered By Argus Darkhammer
Quest Series none
Concurrent with:
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Repair the Gate Leading into Bordinar's Cleft
  • Burnish the Statue Outside the King's Hall
  • Repair the Railings Near the Main Entrance
  • Repair the Statue in the Main Hall


XP: 5100 (Crafting)

Silver 2 Copper 50

Faction: +225 Thestran Artisans, +300 Bordinar's Cleft Artisans


Argus Darkhammer is located Easthearth section of Bordinar's Cleft. From the entrance to the outside, you go inside to the room behind the statue, and take the first passage on the right.

This quest asks you to "repair" various points around the Cleft, but in game terms all you need to do is run close to them, and perhaps stand still for a moment.

The four areas are: the main gate into the city, the statues outside the king's hall and in the main hall, and the railings near the entrance (underground between the outside area and main hall). If you're pretty sure you're near the right spot, try shifting your location slightly and standing still, and eventually you should see the "repaired" message appear on your screen.

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