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Quest adventuring By Night
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 16
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 28584, -71182, 43892 in Three Rivers Village (-27, 26)
Area The encampment is on the road south from Tursh to Themnwar's Shield.
Starting Chunk Three Rivers Village
Ending Chunk Three Rivers Village
Offered By Saara Kalem
Quest Series none Adventuring Timeline
Previous none
Concurrent with: Peculiar Fragments, Leechsnake Venomsacs, By Night
Next none
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Speak with Taplim Eningold in Three Rivers.





This is the start of a series of quests involving the Tremean farm.

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