The Cabal are one of the three competing trading societies in the City of Ahgram.

They are an unpleasant organization of individuals involved in business and dark magic, who routinely carry out murder to "harvest" body parts for their research and experimentation.

Where are they?Edit

After arriving outside Ahgram via the riftstone, when you enter the main part of the city you are almost immediately at the eastern end of the main thoroughfare that runs East-West through the trading area of the city. There in front of you will be the Telon Global Exchange merchant, a Kurashasha by the name of Aslak Shaniq. All directions start from him.

  • From Aslak, head west along the main thoroughfare.
  • At the central circle, turn right and head north, moving around the circle.
  • When you have turned through 90 degrees and are once again facing west, turn right and head north down a side road.
  • Take the first turning on the right, such that you are now heading east.
  • The first door on the right is the Cabal HQ.

Key PeopleEdit

Nyandi Shakor, Cabal Master

  • Nyandi is the leader of the society, and she is who to go to for Quests.

Makell Tashar, Cabal Augmentor

Dekoz Alkaraan, Cabal Dark Knight Commander.

  • Dekoz is the leader of the Dark Knights.

Introductory TextEdit

She laughs. "We are the greatest minds in Telon. Not the Society of fools with their inventions and meaningless gadgets. We craft with and into blood and flesh", Nyandi says.

"Our experiments have allowed us to replace limbs and organs and make powerful tonics and alchemical brews. When our power is great enough, our dark knights will take this city over. For now, we bide our time."

"We are bothered constantly by the city guard, due to us harvesting people for materials. They don't understand."

"The Society of Invention does have some hold, but they are soft and weak. They have become angry when they found out accidently that we use people to experiment on. Naturally they have the Ahgram city guard on us, but so far they have had no success stopping us."

"The Merchant's Guild are full of idiots who only care about money. We've had to kill a few of their spies in our midst. We appreciate them sending us spare parts to craft with."

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