Caravans offer a unique method to help players get around in Vanguard and keep together with friends even when offline. Players can join a caravan and then log out within 10 Minutes and after 3 hours offline they will have the option of moving their character to the location of caravan leader or remain where they originally left their character. Caravans make it easy for players to stick together when playing so that instead of spending time trying to find your friend you can spend your time adventuring and having fun instead of traveling to your friends.

In order to create a Caravan simply target a nearby player and right click on the player you want to have join your caravan. If the player accepts the invite they will join your caravan. At that time they will have to log out without 10 minutes and stay offline for 3 hours. When they log back in they will be prompted to either go to the location of the caravan leader or if they have changed their mind stay at the location that they originally logged out in.

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