Catalysts are used in the creating of Celestine Ward Armor.

A catalyst is used together with the same tiers of Ancient Tattered Light Armor, Ancient Ragged Medium Armor, Ancient Rusted Heavy Armor, an Ancient Ritual Candle, an Ancient Ritual Rune and an Ancient Ritual Tome

Depending on the requirements of the armor piece you want to create, different candles, runes and tomes are combined together at the Ancient Ritual Stone.

They can be obtained from Thorian Glowban for free, provided you have the right amount of faction (see the specific catalyst for faction requirements.)


Opposed to Ancient Ritual Candle, Ancient Ritual Rune and Ancient Ritual Tome they come in four tiers. However, the last tier is only gained once the quest, Ancient Weapons of Leth Verael, has been completed.

Tier 1Edit

Tier 1 Catalyst is:

Tier 2Edit

Tier 2 Catalyst is:

Tier 3Edit

Tier 3 Catalyst is:

Tier 4Edit

Tier 4 Catalyst is:

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