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When you create items, you can use a number of different enhancements to make the items different or special. These enhancements are called catalysts. Catalysts have varying effects, such as:

  • Increasing statistics (strength, intelligence, dexterity, etc.)
  • Increasing attributes (health, energy, armor class)
  • Increased damage
  • Increase range
  • many more

When Are Catalysts UsedEdit

Depending on the tier, catalysts are used in up to three stages of crafting. First, catalysts may be used during the refining of an item. For example, a Strength catalyst could be added to a metal ingot during the refining stage of creating an ingot to be used in a weapon or piece of armor.

During the crafting process, the catalyst is added after the second (2nd) step. At this point, the icon of your catalyst will appear below the crafting windows. You can only click to add it at this point. You can use the /craftingaddsecondary macro command in the chat window to add a catalyst if you have forgotten to press the button the moment it appears. This only works as long as you are in the correct step (usually Step 3). Starting with Tier 3, some of these are enhancements are required.
0 Step 3 Catalyst Icon Pops at Bottom

Photo of crafting table at start of Step 3 when the catalyst icon appears at center below the table

Tier 1Edit

Making Tier 1 items, you have a choice to add an Attuning Dust to the raw materials during refining. This provides the primary stats an item receives when you make it.

Tier 2Edit

Making Tier 2 items, on top of using Attuning Dusts, you may also add Resonance Dust when finishing the item. You must used enhanced resources to add a Resonance Dust. This will provide the finished product with 2 stats. The primary stat from the Attuning Dust is often reduced when resonance dusts are added.

Tier 3Edit

Making Tier 3 items, you can add Focusing Powders to the secondary items before you make the final product. You can no longer use dusts and require powders obtained via work order rewards or through deconstruction. All final products require enhanced raw materials(Vandal's Firegrass bolts, etc.). You can no longer make basic final products.

Tier 4Edit

Tier 4 uses Attuning powders (same as t3) and Resonating/Focusing shards.

Tier 5Edit

Tier 5 uses Attuning/Focusing/Resonating Crystals.

Tier 5 also has the distinction of being able to replace standard catalysts with rare Ancient Crystals. The resulting item will be Red (Legendary) and have the title of "Masterwork".

Summary of Which Catalysts Are Used At Which StageEdit

  Refining Primary Secondary Crafting Gear Upgrade
Tier 1 (Novice 0-10) Attuning Dust      
Tier 2 (Amateur 11-20) Attuning Dust Resonating Dusts   Maker's Touch
Tier 3 (Apprentice 21-30) Attuning Powder Resonating Powder Focusing Powders Maker's Embrace
Tier 4 (Initiate 31-40) Attuning Powder Resonating Shards Focusing Shards Maker's Spirit
Tier 5 (Journeyman 41-50) Attuning Crystals Resonating Crystals Focusing Crystals Maker's Essence
Tier 5e (Masterwork) Attuning Crystals Ancient Resonating Crystals Focusing Crystals N/A

Special CatalystsEdit

Name Stage Description
Crafting Clothes Catalysts Finishing These catalysts are used in the upgrading of crafting clothes by Tailors and Leatherworkers.
Orbs and Spheres Finishing These catalysts are used in the preparation of several different products made by various professions. These include Bows, Horseshoes, and others.
Ranged Catalysts Refining These catalysts are used in the preparation of enchanted ranged ammo.
Reinforcement Agents Refining These catalysts are used to prepare cloth and leather for the use in special harvest bags.
Stitching Catalysts Finishing These catalysts are used in the preparation of cloth bags and leather saddlebags

which increase the number of items that can be held in those bags.

Catalyst DescriptionsEdit

Moving your mouse over a catalyst will describe its effects, what items it can be applied to and what tier its applicable to. When you begin the crafting process, you will have an opportunity to add catalysts to both the primary and secondary components as well as in the refining stage. Recipes will list in their descriptions whether they allow for the addition of catalysts. When setting up the table, you will see a catalyst listing along with the normal utilities listing, simply select the dust you wish to add.

Catalyst CatalogEdit

Many catalysts have been posted on our catalyst lists.

See Category:Catalysts

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