The quests in this category use an older version of the Template:QuestInformation.

The following code needs to be added to and updated in the template section of the quest article that linked here.

|area= a description to help fellow adventurers find the quest giver.
|StartChunk=The location of the quest giver on the mini-map without the (xx,yy)
|EndChunk=The location of the quest completion NPC the mini-map without the (xx,yy)
|xp= xp reward
|coin= coin reward
|faction= faction reward
|repeatable= yes / no if repeatable
|reqfaction= if faction is required in order to obtain quest. (eg. crafting quests)
|presence= the presence required to commence a parley if this is a diplomacy quest.


|area= Next to the riftstone in Khal.
|xp= 25
|coin= {{gold|1}} {{silver|0}} {{copper|0}}
|repeatable= no
|reqfaction= 200 Qalian Artisans

The StartChunk and EndChunk is used to auto-categorize quests by start and end locations.

Update Process

  1. Cut and past the text below into the questinformation template section of the quest article below the line |loc=.... .
  2. Copy the chunk description from the loc= section, for example in [chunk name], without the [ ] .
  3. Optional: move the xp and coin rewards from the other part of the article to the questinformation template section.
{{location|128|chunk x|chunk y|xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxx,start npc}}

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