Vanguard's world of Telon contains many Dungeons. Some are traditional subterranean labyrinths, warrens or cave complexes, while others are actually structured, outdoor adventure areas, or above-ground sites such as fortresses and manors. Vanguard's dungeons vary by size, level and difficulty; some can be soloed, while other require a small group, a full party, or even a full raid. The list below is intended to be complete, but is still a work-in-progress.

Bolded Dungeons are the most commonly run content.

Dungeons of Telon


Region Dungeon Name Level Dungeon Guide?
Pankor Zhi Rockspine Lair 5-9
Khal Ksaravi Hollow 7-11 Ksavari Hollow Guide
Mekalia Library of Mekalia 7-11
Lomshir The Serpent of Sihari 8-11
Lomshir Plains Lair of the Green Witch 9-12
Hathor Zhi Aeokor Zhi 9-12
Qa Riverbank Azbaji Hive 10-15 Azbaji Hive Guide
Jharru Flats Kharrus Farrel 12-16
Lomshir Plains Haekemesh Excavation 12-16
Temple Of Dailuk Scorpion Cave 13-17
Ksavari Gulch Ksavari Gulch 15-20
Tauthien Delta Chrysol Mines 16-20
Temple of Dailuk Temple of Dailuk 16-22
Skrillien Point Imanjul Sacellum 18-23
Skrillien Point Cyclops Tower 20-24
Skrillien Point Kalendras Coven 20-25
Skawlra Rock Skawlra Rock 20-26
Hags Coastline Grotto of the Sea Hags 21-26
Coterie Infineum Infineum Plataeu 22-25
Coterie Infineum Infineum Sanctuary 25-30
Karrus Hakrel Karrus Erris 34-36
Karrus Hakrel Karrus Anjir 34-36
River Palace River Palace 35-40
Karrus Hakrel Karrus Hakrel 34-38 Karrus Hakrel Guide
Sunset Pointe Rakshasa Citadel 38-42
Minds Crown Xennumet 40-45
Tehatamani Harbor Lucent Circle 47-50
Rahz Inkur Rahz Inkur 47-50
Bridge of Destiny Bridge of Destiny 50-55
Strand of the Ancients Pantheon of the Ancients 50-55 Pantheon of the Ancients Guide


Region Dungeon Name Level Dungeon Guide
Tursh Village Rindol Storehouse 4-8
Bordinar's Cleft Oathbreaker (Red Swallow) Caves 6-10
Dahknarg Blood Howler`s Cave 7-11
Leth Nurae Arcanium 7-12
Tursh Village Riftseeker`s Torrent 8-12
Veskal`s Exchange Spider Caves West 10-14
Vault of Heros Cave of the Urugog 10-14
Vault of Heros Vault of Heros 10-15
Three Rivers Khegor`s End 13-18
Veskals Exchange Achlatan Spider Caves 14-18
Kaons Rush Fallen Lyceum 16-20
Three Rivers Stonesmasher Enclave 16-20
Silverlake Cairnsworth Hall 17-22
Misthaven Crossing Veshkas Monastery 18-22
Shoreline Ruins Charbrook Keep 18-22
Bordinars Cleft Crypts of the Cleft 18-22
Misthaven Crossing Hilsbury Manor 18-23
Forest`s Edge Hive of Zihurr 20-25
Coastal Graveyard Remains of Castle Landsview 20-25
Ruins of Trengal Keep Ruins of Trengal Keep 22-28
Falgorholm Falgorholm City 26-30
Tree of Sorrow Grotto of the Eyeless 30-35
Southern Stonespine Ridge Calighata Sanctuary 30-35
Spire Keep Spire Keep 30-35
Ruins of Vol Tuniel Ruins of Vol Tuniel 30-36
Tree of Sorrow Stonehide Gulch 30-35
Tree of Sorrow Vortul Caves 30-35
Tree of Sorrow Grilock Tunnels 30-35
Ruins of Southwatch Cave of the Rogarn 30-35
Dargun`s Tomb Dargun`s Tomb 30-36
Thelaseen Thelaseen: Lair of the Drake Riders 35-40
Frostshard Lake Stonefist Scarp 35-40
Eastpoint Den of the Varru 35-40
Eastpoint Dojaa's Stronghold 35-40
Fallen Cove Poisonous Caverns 40-44
Northern Highlands Blood Seeker Den 40-45
Old Targonor Old Targonor 40-46
Northern Highlands Retreat of the Unseeing Eye 40-45
Ancient Port Warehouse Ancient Port Warehouse 50-55


Region Dungeon Name Level Dungeon Guide


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