Grafts are gained from the Necromancer ability Necropsy. There are numerous different grafts available.

  • A normal graft's name is composed of a prefix, it's type and a suffix.

Grafts also comes in various qualities.

  • Uncommon and Rare - Gained from any mobs
  • Heroic - Primarily drops from nameds.
  • Legendary - Drops from raid targets and dungeon nameds.


A prefix will tell you the level of the graft. In total there are 10 different prefixes.

  • Scrawny - level 5 graft.
  • Wiry - level 10 graft
  • Atrophied - level 15 graft
  • Sinewy - level 20 graft
  • Tough - level 25 graft
  • Sturdy - level 30 graft
  • Bulky - level 35 graft
  • Prime - level 40 graft
  • Collosal - level 45 graft
  • Monstrous - level 50 graft

You can work out what is the lowest level of a mob you can kill, in order to receive a certain level graft.

  • Graft level - 5 = Lowest mob level.
    • The minimum level a mob can be in order for you to be able to harvest a level 50 graft is therefore 45.
  • Scrawny and Wiry are not included in this calculation as grafts do not drop until a mob is level 10.


The suffix will tell you the type of effect you gain from the graft. Each kind of graft type has it's own suffixes and as such will be listed under each different graft type.

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