These are quests in the Web Series in Thestra. Also available are the Qalian Web Quests.

The threads start in four different locations, and merge at the third and forth quests. At the end of each thread, you will be directed to the other three quest starters. The final quest is only offered once you have completed all four threads and combines the four suits into one.

These quests are meant to be done one line at a time. Taking multiple quests in order to be "efficient" will only result in having to petition a GM to reset your quest counter.

At the end of each quest string, you are sent back to the starting city, and referred to the other cities via quests: The Human Issue (Referral to Tursh), The Western Mountains (Referral to Bordinar's Cleft), The Forest Home (Referral to Leth Nurae), and The Frozen East (Referral to Halgarad).

There is a lot of running around New Targonor, so if you're not familiar with the various Noble House locations, it can help to look at the New Targonor Noble Houses page.

Tursh Bordinar's Cleft Leth Nurae Halgarad
Raising Tursh Soldiers Growl Flight of the Griffon A Bad Equation for Murder
Bad Juju Bandit's Road The Wings of Authority Investigative Measures
By the Trail of Dead Risky Business Winding Roads Exchanging Information
Sweeper Agent
Alley Whispers or The Inner Eye of Wisdom or Word on the Street
An Assassin's Orders or Party Crasher or Revenge of the Rat
Back to the Beginning To the Mountain's Base Back to the Spring Returning to the Source
The Western Mountains or The Frozen East or The Forest Home

Once you've completed all four lines, you should have 24 different pieces of gear, 6 academic, 6 domestic, 6 outsider, and 6 soldier. It is recommended that while doing these quests, you choose them in order so that you can easily keep track of what you have.

Before heading back to give your final report, you're allowed a quest that sends you to an NPC located in New Targnor very close to Jan. There are banks in just about every house quarter, so there is no need to carry all of that gear around with you. Once you receive the quest, go to a bank, get all 24 pieces of gear, then head to this NPC. He will make you a singular suit with the stats of all 24 pieces. (Interwoven Threads)

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