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Whilst playing Diplomacy, it can be useful to check what other Diplomats are doing, or maybe you just want to have a chat.


Every server should have a channel (or two) that you can join to talk to other Diplomats.

To join a channel use the following command (replacing the word channelname with the correct channel name):

/join channelname

It is also possible to configure Vanguard to automatically join any channels you want on startup. To view the current list of channels that are joined automatically, use the following command:

/autojoin view

To set a new list of channels use the following command (entering the names of the channels):

/autojoin set channelname1,channelname2, ...

An example would be

/autojoin set dip,craft,regionsay,auction

Do NOT insert any spaces before or after the commas in the list of channels you want to join automatically. Keep in mind that regionsay and auction are dynamic and will be updated by the game as you move between regions. It's helpful to leave them at the end of your autojoin list so that your dip and craft channels will always stay at the same number. If you don't use them, or find you have no use for them, simply don't include them in /autojoin and you'll never hear from them again -- just like turning off shout in the chat tabs.


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