Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard Saga of Heroes

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Classes in Vanguard provide you with unique skills, quests and playstyles that revolve around different roles. Each character's class is chosen at character creation, and cannot later be changed.

All classes are available to every race and subscription type.

For more information, choose one of the classes listed below.

Protective Fighters Offensive Fighters Healers Casters
Icon class warrior.png Warrior Icon class ranger.png Ranger Icon class cleric.png Cleric Icon class sorcerer.png Sorcerer
Icon class paladin.png Paladin Icon class rogue.png Rogue Icon class shaman.png Shaman Icon class druid.png Druid
Icon class dreadknight.png Dread Knight Icon class monk.png Monk Icon class disciple.png Disciple Icon class psionicist.png Psionicist
Icon class inquisitor.png Inquisitor (unreleased) Icon class bard.png Bard Icon class bloodmage.png Blood Mage Icon class necromancer.png Necromancer
Berserker (unreleased)