Objectives Edit

Slay 15 Gwartaks in Coppermend's Delving, Report to Defender Sten Ironbrow

Location Edit

Coppermend's Delving

Rewards Edit

Axe of the Gwartak Slayer (Axe Primary Hand damage 2.7speed(DPS) 4 -23 damage +3 Constitution)

Flames of the Gwartak Slayer (+10 energy , +1 inteligence, +18 fire resistance)

Prism of Restoration (+14 healling focus)

Shortbow of the Wartak Slayer (shortbow Ranged hand 17 - 17 damage 3.25 speed(DPs))

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Detailed Discription Edit

1) Speak to Defender Blute Kolar in Coppermend's Delving in the Bordinar's Cleft. 

2) Slay 15 Gwartaks inside of Coppermend's Delving. Any will do. 

3) Report to Defender Sten Ironbrow in Coppermend's Delving.

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