Objectives Edit

Follow the southern pass from the Widows Span Bridge and collect the requested items from the animals along the way. Once complete, deliver the items to Mordana Oreshield outside Coppermend's Delving. 

  • Mountain Stag Antlers (0/1) 
  • Surefooted Turim Buck Horns (0/1) 
  • Ridge Fox Pelt (0/1) 
  • Ridge Bear Head (0/1)

Location Edit

Road to Coppermend's Delving

Rewards Edit

Starting Dialogue Edit

"Name's Mason Stoneaxe, Hunter Extraordinaire, and I've been busy sticking crossbow bolts in all sorts of animals." "Unfortunately, the bolts don't quite do the trick, and they limp around for hours before dying." "I haven't the patience to wait. I need you to whack the miserable beasts, collect my trophies, and then deliver them to my assistant Mordana Oreshield, who you can find waiting down the path."

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