Conversations are the interactions between player characters and Civic NPCs during Civic Diplomacy. The five conversation types are: Convince, Entertain, Gossip, Incite and Interview. All conversations except Interview block one type of expression during a parley. Not all conversations are available in each town, depending on the race of the town's residents. Faction and prestige gains as a result of Civic Diplomacy are affected by the conversation. The conversation type also influences the rewards (information and city buffs) for a successful parley.

Conversation TypesEdit

Conversation Blocked
Prestige Faction Information
Convince Inspire +2 +1 Mostly Arcana and some Plots
Entertain Demand +1 +0 Other items
Gossip Reason +2 +3 Mostly Blackmail and some Trends
Incite Flattery +1 +2 Mostly Trends and some Arcana
Interview None +2 +1 Mostly Plots and some Blackmail

Conversation LeversEdit

Conversation Station Levers Buff
Convince Academic Harmony of Ideas +5% all spell damage
Crafter Shared Effort +15 harvesting skill
Clergy Inspiration from Beyond +10% run speed
Domestic The Will of the People +5% melee damage
Merchant Unknown Unknown
Noble Right of Way +5% to critical
Soldier Increase the Watch +5% accuracy
Entertain Academic Stand Up Philosophy +10% energy
Crafter Whistle While You Work +5% ranged damage
Clergy Power of Faith Regenerate 1% total HP every 6 seconds
Domestic Cheer the People +5% all resists
Merchant Unknown Unknown
Noble Benevolent Mood +5% dodge, parry, block; +25% evocation, conjuration
Soldier Raise Morale +5% AC and damage shield
Gossip Academic Lost Arcana Sky's the Limit
Crafter Legendary Items Crucible of Words
Clergy The Gods Delusion of Unity
Domestic Story of the Town Courteous Mockery
Merchant Unknown Unknown
Noble State of the World Grace and Courtesy
Soldier War Stories One Fell Swoop
Incite Academic Social Upheaval +1% energy regeneration every 6 seconds
Crafter Civic Improvement 5% rune
Clergy Spiritual Revival Healing received +5%
Domestic Support of the People +10% HP
Merchant Unknown Unknown
Noble Time for Action +10% spell and melee haste
Soldier Call to Arms +5% all attributes
Interview Academic Sage Words +5% reasoning
Crafter Tricks of the Trade +25 artificer skills
Clergy Consult the Wise +5% problem solving
Domestic Simple Pleasures +25 outfitter skills
Merchant Unknown Unknown
Noble Secrets of Telon +5% reasoning
Soldier Prepare for Battle +25 blacksmith skills
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