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Skills are a major part of the crafting sphere, and determine along with your level what actions are available to you during the crafting process.

Each crafting trade has a one parent skill for refining, three process skills for refining, three parent skills for finishing, and three process skills for finishing.

Parent Skills Edit

The parent skills govern the overall difficulty of the recipes, as well as the crafting inventory space available. They are also used in the assembly process.

Artificer SkillsEdit

  • Artificer Refining: Forming
  • Artificer Finishing 1: Carpentry
  • Artificer Finishing 2: Mineralogy
  • Artificer Finishing 3: Artificing

Blacksmith SkillsEdit

  • Blacksmith Refining: Metallurgy
  • Blacksmith Finishing 1: Blacksmithing
  • Blacksmith Finishing 2: Weaponsmithing
  • Blacksmith Finishing 3: Armorsmithing

Outfitter SkillsEdit

  • Outfitter Refining: Material Preparation
  • Outfitter Finishing 1: Outfitting
  • Outfitter Finishing 2: Tailoring
  • Outfitter Finishing 3: Leatherworking

Process Skills Edit

The process skills affect the use of crafting actions during the session. Of the three processes for finishing and refining, there is one station skill, one utility skill, and one tool skill.

Hint tool action
Tool actions require tools. Tools are non-expended items such as chisels and shears that are put in a crafter’s tool belt.

Hint utility action
Utility actions require utilities. Utilities are expendables used during the crafting process, such as charcoal or cleaner.

Hint station action
Station skills affect actions that do not use a tool or utility. Station actions are often linked to complications as well, although not always.

Artificer SkillsEdit

  • Artificer Refining Station: Shaping
  • Artificer Refining Tools: Shaping Tools
  • Artificer Refining Utilities: Shaping Utilities
  • Artificer Finishing Station: Sculpting
  • Artificer Finishing Tools: Sculpting Tools
  • Artificer Finishing Utilities: Sculpting Utilities

Blacksmith SkillsEdit

  • Blacksmith Refining Station: Smelting
  • Blacksmith Refining Tools: Smelting Tools
  • Blacksmith Refining Utilities: Smelting Utilities
  • Blacksmith Finishing Station: Forging
  • Blacksmith Finishing Tools: Forging Tools
  • Blacksmith Finishing Utilities: Forging Utilities

Outfitter SkillsEdit

  • Outfitting Refining Station: Material Processing
  • Outfitting Refining Tools: Material Processing Tools
  • Outfitting Refining Utilities: Material Processing Utilities
  • Outfitting Finishing Station: Stitching
  • Outfitting Finishing Tools: Stitching Tools
  • Outfitting Finishing Utilities: Stitching Utilities

Skill Pools Edit

Refining Parent SkillEdit

- 1 skill, 10 points per level

Refining Process SkillsEdit

- 3 Skills, 25 points per level

Finishing Parent SkillsEdit

- 3 Skills, 20 points per level

Finishing Process SkillsEdit

- 3 Skills, 25 points per level

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