Diplomacy in Vanguard is meant to add an aspect to MMOGs that has been missing, and that is, combat doesn't solve everything. The Diplomat will play their game in the cities across Telon. What does this mean exactly? Diplomats will use their influence to convince or bribe their way into areas, quests, and even speaking with the King.

Decisions you make, equipment you wear, and the abilities you choose when interacting with an NPC will be important. Each of these will require a player to plan a strategy and think carefully about how they counteract an NPC's move.

Factions will tie into the diplomacy sphere a lot. Restrictions will be placed on select areas that will only be accessible through diplomacy.

-Via the old Vanguard Saga of Heroes IGN Website


Player Characteristics

NPC Characteristics


Civic Diplomacy



Diplomacy Gear


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