Quest diplomacy Diplomacy Training: The Basics of Diplomacy (Diplomacy)
Sphere Diplomacy
Journal Level 1
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered Any
Prerequisites None
Starting Location -31582,-18310,944 in Isle of Dawn (-26, 1)
Starting Chunk Isle of Dawn
Ending Chunk Isle of Dawn
Offered By Haruji Fourwaves
Quest Series Isle of Dawn Diplomacy Timeline
Previous The Diplomat (Diplomacy)
Concurrent with: none
Next Diplomacy Training: Learning Statements (Diplomacy)
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Speak to Haruji Fourwaves, the Diplomacy Instructor, who stands in the Hall of Records.

Starting DialogueEdit

Haruji beams at you. "Welcome, welcome, fellow orator! Whether you know what you are doing, or are fresh to the trade, you've come to the right place. The people on the Isle of Dawn must be spoken to the right way. Would you be interested in learning more?"

[After accepting this quest, check your diplomacy abilities in your ability book. Click the Strategy button, and drop cards into the available slots. Make sure to take at least one Comment.]


  • Interview Haruji about the Basics of Diplomacy.

Note: First setup your strategy by preparing the proper statements. Speak to Haruji Fourwaves to learn more about diplomacy. Follow his directions about proper parley procedure.

[Select five cards to enter in your Strategy. Take at least one Comment.]

Diplomacy BattlesEdit

Haruji Fourwaves: Diplomacy Basics Interview (1)Edit

  • Available Expression Types: Icon diplo demandIcon diplo reasonIcon diplo inspireIcon diplo flattery
  • Opponent's Starting Dialog Points: 14
  • Your Starting Dialog Points: 14
  • Opponent's Diplomacy Cards Observed: None. (Haruji will only listen)

Haruji Fourwaves says, "To begin this lesson, single-click one of the Comments in your Strategy Tray. After it appears on the Parley UI, which we'll call the Gameboard, click the green Speak button to play the card."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "This will move the Parley Indicator, progressing the dialogue. Playing a card will also end your turn and begin your opponent's turn."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "For now click on another card in your Strategy Tray and press Speak to play it, or just Listen. You can also double-click cards to play them."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "You will notice that you have two buttons at the bottom of the Gameboard: Speak and Listen. If you have no cards available to play, or do not wish to play a card, you may press Listen in order to pass your turn."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Take a moment to move your mouse pointer over the playing field. By passing your mouse cursor over the various elements of parley: the Gameboard and your Strategy Tray, you will be able to read explanations of each part's function."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Now to tell you how you can win. On the far right side of the Parley UI, or Gameboard, you will see two speech bubbles with numbers next to them at the top and bottom of the board. These speech bubbles display your current number of Dialogue Points."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Dialogue Points are the number of points you and your opponent need to count down in order to win the parley. The bottom number is your total; when it reaches zero, you win. If your opponent reaches zero Dialogue Points before you do, you will lose."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "In order to score Dialogue Points you will need to move the Parley Indicator, the circle on the track between the speech bubbles, to your side of the track. You will earn a Dialogue Point on any turn the Parley Indicator is on your side of the board - it doesn't matter how far."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "As you earn these points, you will see the number within your speech bubble decrease. You will also earn lines of dialogue here within the dialogue box as a further reward."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Remember: the bottom half of the Gameboard represents you, and the top half represents your opponent. The dots under the 4 colored icons in the middle represent 'Expression', which will be explained further along in this tutorial."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "To bring it together, the number on the wax seal in the upper right corner on your card is its Influence. Influence is the number of points you will move the Parley Indicator towards your side of the track."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Remember, if the indicator is on your side at the end of your turn, or your opponent's, you win a Dialogue Point. The same holds true for your opponent. If they manage to pull the Parley Indicator onto their side, they will earn Dialogue Points."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Remember this as well: it doesn't matter if the Parley Indicator is at 1 or 10, only one Dialogue Point will ever be earned a turn."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Take a moment to read all of this over and understand it and then we'll move on to the next lesson. Clicking the Complete button will erase this dialogue when you succeed."

Haruji Fourwaves says, "Once you are done, click the Complete button, hail me, and find the additional training quests if you want to learn more."


Speak to Haruji Fourwaves (-31582,-18310,944) in Isle of Dawn (-26, 1).

Ending DialogueEdit

"Well done. You can ask me any time for refreshers on this information."

"I have other optional lessons if you would like to learn. Otherwise, you should speak to Juritor Aya Sa. There is work to be done here if you are interested."

Quest RewardsEdit

Copper 10

XP: 100

Other ResourcesEdit

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