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The Diplomat's Saga refers to several overarching quest lines for new diplomats.

There are four primary "stages" of the saga:

  1. Diplomacy Training for Level 1-10 Diplomats
  2. Connecting Quests
  3. New Targonor for Level 11-15 Diplomats
  4. Ahgram for Level 16-20 Diplomats

The Isle of Dawn quests can only be completed by characters who have been freshly created on that island. They are not accessible through other starting cities.

Characters who did not begin on the Isle of Dawn, or who have left the Isle of Dawn, can pick up the saga through the "Connecting Quests" available on each of the three continents. These connecting quests point characters in the direction of New Targonor, but are actually not pre-requisites for the New Targonor quests.

The New Targonor series is the first "main series" of the quest which is available to all players.

An extension to the series, the Ahgram series, is also available to all players but targets diplomats with higher skills.

Isle of Dawn Edit

Connecting Quests Edit

Qa Riverbank
Veksal's Exchange
Tomb of Lord Tsang

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Ahgram Edit

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