Quest diplomacy Diplomat's Saga: Reclaimer
Sphere Diplomacy
Journal Level 3
Journal Size Please choose one of: Solo Small Group Group Elite Group Raid
Level Offered xx
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -7085, -29214, 208 in Isle of Dawn (-26,1)
Area Outside the magistrates house.
Starting Chunk Isle of Dawn
Ending Chunk Isle of Dawn
Offered By Taejin
Quest Series Diplomat's Saga Diplomacy Timeline
Previous Diplomat's Saga: Shui`s Report
Concurrent with: none
Next Diplomat's Saga: Hunter of Peace
XP Reward 20000
Coin Reward Silver 1Copper 80
Free to Play yes
Armor Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed 1


  • Discuss the Veterans with Taejin
  • Veterans Inspired (3)
  • Arrive at the Burned Village when Finished
  • Report to Taejin after the burned village attack

Discuss the situation with Taejin and find out the state of affairs. Assist him with coordinating the Veterans for the reclaiming of the burned-out fillage Gai's Nousa. Finish the job by arrivingat the burned-out village and confirming the attack.


  • N/A




Veteran BlackirisEdit

Veteran BlueflameEdit

Veteran SixfishEdit

Go to Gai's Nousa.

Then go return to Taejin.

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