Dungeon Ratings are the opinion of the Editor who did the write-up for that particular dungeon. If you feel that they are horribly wrong feel free to argue your case in the forums.

  • 5 Stars  : A stand-out of excellent quality.
  • 4 Stars : Good, a few issues here and there.
  • 3 Stars : Average
  • 2 Stars : Few aspects to gripe about.
  • 1 Star  : Fail

Overall Rating: Not a mathematical average of the other scores but rather an expression of the entire dungeon experience that takes the other scores into account.

Layout: A score representing how interesting and creative the dungeon's layout is. Linearity, ease of navigation and accessibility of quest objectives can all be taken into account here.

Mob Placement: A score representing how appropriate and interesting the mob placement is in creating a suitable challenge. Mob density, sociability, linked groups, wanderers, patrollers and "hidden" mobs can all be taken into account here.

Mob Itemization: A score that rates the amount and quality of dungeon specific items that can be found as well as the general drop rate of interesting loot.

Quest Quality: A rating of the quality of the quest storylines, scripted events and challenge.

Quest Rewards: Rates the quality, variety and desirability of quest rewards.

Atmosphere: The 'ooh, neat!' factor of a dungeon. Decor, lighting, music and sound effects all play a factor here.

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