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Dwarf (Character Race) Summary
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Official DescriptionEdit

Master craftsmen and fierce warriors the Dwarves of Thestra live in the underground city of Bordinar's Cleft, deep in the Widow's Veil Mountains. They currently stand at the front line of the undead invasion, with the humans, halflings and vulmane already having been forced to move elsewhere and it is a task they readily accept. Their home, much like themselves is sturdy and built to last. The sounds of Dwarves busily forging armor and weapons with a skill and discipline that is unrivaled on Thestra can constantly be heard echoing through the grand halls of their city. While often viewed as grumpy and dour by other races the Dwarves actually have a very good sense of humor and once befriended, an unwavering sense of loyalty. They are much stronger than their size would imply and tend to lean towards more physical professions.

Dwarven SocietyEdit

Allies & EnemiesEdit

Famous DwarvesEdit

King Mithdor Flamehammer
  • King Mithdor Flamehammer - The eldest recorded Dwarf ever to have lived, and the king of the Dwarven race at present. Mithdor's entire focus is the defense of his people, and he has little interest in outside troubles or affairs, or in mounting any offensive against the enemies of Bordinar's Cleft.
  • Prince Dargand Flamehammer - The heir to the Flamehammer Clan and the throne of Bordinar's Cleft, Dargand is known to prefer offensive measures a little more, and caution a little less than his venerable father.
  • Ulge Icehand - The King's Sorcerer, and the most magically talented Dwarf alive today, Ulge Icehand is an impressive sight to behold.
  • War Master Trabrand Silvereye
  • Kafus Thunderaxe - Head of the Thunderaxe Clan, Kafus' power and wealth are second only to the King's. His daughter, Gwealla, is engaged to Prince Dargand Flamehammer.
  • King Dargun Flamehammer - Now long-dead, Dargun Flamehammer's reign was legendary, and ended in tragedy.
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