Server Telon
Roleplaying no
Voice Chat yes
Casual no
Raiding yes
End Game yes
Recruiting yes
Protective yes
Offensive yes
Healers yes
Casters yes
Diplomats yes
Armorsmiths yes
Weaponsmiths yes
Carpenters yes
Mineralogists yes
Leatherworkers yes
Tailors yes
Target Players
North America yes
Euro no
Middle East no
Asia no
Oceania no

Guild Name: Exile.

Leaders: Naghite, Filzin.

Officers: Dravid, Celeshae (Raid)

Guild Type: Raiding / End Game Progression.

Guild Chat Maturity Rating: Mostly Adult.

Guild Premise / Goals: Exile is an end game oriented progression guild. We have a very experienced core (our members have successfully taken down every mob in game) and are looking to bolster our numbers and develop a team in preparation for the new content. We will be using a tiered DKP system that rewards consistency while not forgetting those who have commitments outside of vg. Our raids are Sun/Mon/Wed starting at 8pm CST.

Guild website:

Application Process: Talk to Filzin, Naghite or Dravid directly.

Additional Information: First of all you have to talk to one of the recruiters directly. The recruiter will ask you some basic questions and post the details regarding your interest in our boards. Then the officer core takes a small vote and decides if we will give the applicant a chance depending on requirements. Once you wear Exile tag, you will go through a recruit period of 30 days after which your membership will be voted upon by various guild members.

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