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Your Faction Ratings determine which cities and other locations you can visit without fear of being KoS (Killed on Sight).

You can determine you current Faction Ratings by typing the command /showfactions in game. The results will be displayed in the chat windows.

You will see two figures displayed for each Faction Rating:

  1. Dynamic Rating
  2. Full Rating

The Dynamic Rating is the amount by which your Faction Rating with that area has changed, and the Full Rating is the sum of the Dynamic Rating and a base Faction Rating that you have with every area that is determined by your race.

You can also view the full faction rating as well as the rating by opening your character sheet (C), selecting the Diplomacy screen, and clicking on the Factions tab.

-20,000 to -8,000 Kill on Sight
-7,999 to -5,000 Untrustworthy
-4,999 to -2,000 Wary
-1,999 to 2,000 Neutral
2,001 to 5,000 Sociable
5,001 to 8,000 Good
8,001 to 20,000 Ally

The rating Kill on Sight (often abbreviated KoS) means that NPCs on this faction will attack you as soon as they detect you. If you are KoS in an area that you want to visit, then you will need to increase your faction in that area by other means.

The rating Untrustworthy means that you are able to attack these NPCs, but they will not be inherently aggressive to you.

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