Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Quest adventuring.png Failings of the Mayor
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 6
Journal Size Group
Level Offered 6
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 2807, 15692, 39810 in Tursh Village (-27, 27)
128|-27|27|2807, 15692, 39810,Tharrin Granitebeard||||||||
Starting Chunk Tursh Village
Ending Chunk Tursh Village
Offered By Tharrin Granitebeard
Quest Series Tursh Village Adventuring Timeline
Previous none
Concurrent with: none
Next none
XP Reward 781
Coin Reward Silver.png 1 Copper.png 20
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Enter the Rindol Storehouse, and seek a basket of food to bring back to Tharrin Granitebeard. Tharrin is at the Storehouse Guardpost.



Starting Dialogue[]

Tharrin scrubs a hand against his beard. "You ever seen a skinny dwarf? Me neither, and let's keep it that way."

"The halflings are supposed to send Bordinar's Cleft shipments of food, and Mayor Dorbin hasn't sent any since the last rains."

"Now that I'm here, I see that it's a tad difficult to make way into the Storehouse. I don't want to cause trouble, but my family needs food."

"Bring me a basket of food from the storehouse, and I'll leave Mayor Dorbin alone."

Additional Dialogue[]

Concluding Dialogue[]

Tharrin takes the basket of food, and whispers. "I much appreciate you time and effort, <player name>. My family will be happy for this."

"Between you and me, I hope Mayor Dorbin comes to his senses and gets those redcaps cleared out of the Storehouse."

"If nothing is done about it soon, I won't be the only dwaf come asking for my family's share of food."

Detailed Information[]

Barrels are located at -8336, -14513, 36860 in Tursh (-27, 27) in Rindol Storehouse. SW exit of the room with lift, large barrels, and Redcap Brewers.

To get there, turn right in the first large room and take the east passage to the Repository Infester room. Beyond that, there is a ramp down. In this ramp area, there is an alcove with some barrels. These are the barrels you are looking for for this quest.




Known Issues[]