Need a break from the trials and tribulations of the various spheres (Adventuring, Crafting, Diplomacy)? Why not go fishing.

First, you need to travel to a fishing trainer. Trainers are located in Qa Riverbank, Tanvu, and Three Rivers Village. Each of these locations are conveniently located on the riftway.

Next visit a fishing supplier to obtain a license, bait, and a tackle box.

Getting StartedEdit

To begin fishing, you need to have completed the Fishing Training Quests to obtain the Fishing Ability. The first is Fishing Training: Acquire a Licence.

Next, equip your rod and bait. Now facing a body of water (important), use your fishing ability to cast your line out over the water. Use it again to drop the line.

Notes: Casting the line too close to a fish will scare it away.

Once the line is in the water, use your down arrow key or the back movement key (Default is 's') to bring in the line.

When a fish takes the bait, try to mirror the fish movements to tired it out. If you are successful at tiring the fish, it will be automatically reeled in when its meter is at zero. While on the subject of bait, each fish has it's favorite bait. When you find it, it will be added to your achievements section of your journal.

Soon you will notice when you mirror the fish's movement, an arrow will appear over it. This is the fish's combo starter. To learn the combo, quickly try various 3 other direction key combinations before the fish moves again to learn the species unique combo. Using the combo in the future significantly tires the fish faster. In total the combo has four directions. Learned combos will appear in your journal under achievements.

More About Combos Edit

The fish combos are randomly generated for each player; One combo that works for you, may not work for another.

It is recommended to set your Render Quality to at least '''Balanced'''
so that the water becomes transparent to that you can see the fish with ease.

Meaning of the Dots Edit

The dots around the fish portrait when you catch one indicates the difficulty of the fish. If you struggle, this number will decrease. If the number drops too much, the fish will get away.

Loot Edit

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