0 Aki Cho

Tanvu Fishing Supply Vendor

Generic Vendor that sells equipment and bait for fishing. Usually found in cities and Outposts with lakes, rivers and ocean shorelines.

Specific Vendors:Edit

Aki Cho : Tanvu : Kojan

Alison Vanora : Three Rivers Village : Thestra

Items Sold:Edit

Note: check the required Fishing level before buying bait.

Basic Tacklebox 3s 50c Ice-cold Beer x20 50c
Bits of crab meat 10s Mistborn Annelid x5 75c
Boilies x5 5c Old Fishing Pole 50s
Clam Meat x5 50c Old, Dirty Tackle Box 10c
Crayfish x5 1s Striped Shiner Minnow x5 60c
Fishing License 10s

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