Quest adventuring Flames of the Past - Part 2
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 4
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 4
Starting Location -23599, 65442, 103082 in Bordinar's Cleft (-28, 26)
Starting Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Ending Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Offered By Delga Stonewarden
Quest Series Shaletooth Tower Adventuring Timeline
Previous Bone Charms
Concurrent with:
Next Flames of the Past - Part 3
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Bring Delga's bag to Beulgrin Copperbrow in Rille's Encampment. The embers will cool in 5 minutes. If the embers are not brought to Belugrin within that time, this quest will need to be retried.

...The embers you brough me are cooling, and I fear the magic in them will evaporate with the heat. We need to get them to Beulgrin quickly...




XP: 83

Copper 4

Starting DialogueEdit

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Detailed InformationEdit

THIS IS A TIMED QUEST and has to be completed in 5 minutes.

Delga Stonewarden is down the east road about halfway to the altar.



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