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A pile of focusing crystals used to bring out the properties of secondary components when they are being formed during finishing.

Focusing CrystalsEdit

Tier 5Edit

Focusing crystal arcane resistance-CP-LL--------?
Focusing crystal awarenessBHCP--LM-------?
Focusing crystal blocking---LL--------?
Focusing crystal countering---LL-LSMG---WG-?
Focusing crystal divergence--LH---------?
Focusing crystal evasion------MG-SH-WG-?
Focusing crystal knowledge-----LS-----WS?
Focusing crystal pain-CP---LS---SM--?
Focusing crystal powerBH---LM-------?
Focusing crystal protection--LH--------WS?
Focusing crystal recovery--LH-LM-------?
Focusing crystal regeneration-----LS-----WS?
Focusing crystal renewal------MG-SHSMWG-?
Focusing crystal wizardry---LL--------?


  • BH - Bladecatcher's Hilt
  • CP - Cloth Padding
  • LH - Large Hilt
  • LL - Leather Lining
  • LM - Long Metal Hilt
  • LS - Leather Strapping
  • MG - Metal Grip (Shields Excluded)
  • MR - Metal Ribbing
  • SH - Small Hilt
  • SM - Short Metal Hilt
  • WG - Wood Grip
  • WS - Wood Shaft
  • XX - Overwrites Continental effect
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