Everybody in this game will be KoS in one region or another, but as Diplomats we still want to go there. So, we need to gain some faction with the residents.

The following list tells what you need to do and where to gain the relevant faction:

This list is very rough right now and contain information from the forums

We need lists of mobs that are no higher than level 10, and accurate descriptions of locations suitable for people who have never been there before.

It takes approximately 200 faction in the positive direction to get out of KoS status. (-7999 or greater)

Where to go/what to do or kill or craftEdit

Area Mobs to Kill Crafting KoS Races
Bordinar's Cleft
  • Kobolds
  • Oathbreakers
  • Boulder Wildmans
  • Bugbears (Three Rivers Village)
  • Temple of the mind (believe this gives Tanvu as well), level 6 mobs, instant spawn (almost) just north of Ca'ial Brael
  • Gataro Village to the North of Ca'ial Brael - gives Ca'ial Brael and Tanvu factions lvl 6-8ish fast spawns.
  • Vaelwyn Anathema (level 3) and Vaelwyn Spitewardens (level 3) in the Vaelwyn Citadel south of Ca'ial Brael (+1 to Ca'ial Brael and Tawar Galan foreign)
  • Vaelwyn Contaminators (level 2) at the Full Moon Spring near the Whitefawn Retreat - Wood Elf starting area (+1 to CB and Tawar Galan foreign)
  • Blood Howlers, east of Dahknarg (L6-8) - There's a huge camp of bloodhowlers on the road between Halgarad and Dahknarg, at 34965, 62345, 44554
  • Blood Howlers, east of Dahknarg (L6-8) - There's a huge camp of bloodhowlers on the road between Halgarad and Dahknarg, at 34965, 62345, 44554
  • Impure Dark Elves - Level 6-7
  • Hunters (Mordebi and Qalithari) and a Merchants village (both inside the Hathor Zhi Walls if you can get in) lvl 3-4
  • Aeokors, just outside the city limits, level 8-12, limitless, though be careful, the Betrayers have a patrol and it can initiate a chain pull.
  • Aeokor Zhi (dungeon) - level 11-15ish (3dot)
  • Hathor Recreants and Hathor Unbloods close to the wall guarding the City zone - lvl 7. Beware of a single roaming guard near the wall.
  • Basically any aggro humanoid between the HZ wall and the Dragonweir Fortress is easy low level faction fodder. lvl 16+ mobs near Evendusk Fortress (treants, trolls and elementals) also give Hathor Zhi faction.
  • Pankor Zhi City faction may be gained by doing 2 quests starting with Testing Your Blood. You'll need to be non KoS to Hathor Zhi (see above) to get past the gates to get to the quest giver.
  • Pankor Zhi prestige can be gained through Lomshir Civic parleys.
  • Harami Bandits, just outside the east part of the city. Level 6-7, one large camp that spawns faster than you can kill everything in it.
  • Ksavari Ratmen, just east of the city. Up to level 5. You can also go up the cliff road ('ware the guards patrolling at the top) tiptoe through the hill scorpions to where you'll find even lower level rat men with a fairly fast respawn rate. These should give Upside faction too (a Mekalia faction)
  • Kaons. South West of the city, fast and unlimited spawn, level 8ish
  • Gulgrethor Orcs - Level 1-8 mobs on the beach north of Martok
  • Hollow Worker, Rusted Hollow Armor, Warded Tomes and Ulabenians in the mine just outside the city (/loc -64132, 30584, 2982). Limitless, level 5-8
  • Bugbears, level 12-15, good XP, limitless supply south of 3 rivers. Or do the civic in the foreign quarter of the city.
  • Missive quests at Three Rivers Village
  • Wisps and demons in the temple below the sunken ship on the beach near Lomshir. Go inside the boat; there is a hole in the bottom leading to the underground temple. These are 3-dot mobs in the level 10 range.
  • Bugbears south of Three Rivers Village give Thestran Watch faction amongst other factions (Riftseekers no longer gives TW faction).
  • Ulvari Minions - found north of the outer wooden fortifications of the city and following the coastline to the west. Levels range from 2-7 (getting weaker as go further west).
  • Redcap (evil brownies), level 6ish, unlimited supply.
  • Humanoids and animated books in Riftseeker's Torrent give both Rindol Field and Tursh Village faction

(Neamsog/Angoer Bunkers)

  • Ksaravi Ratmen East of Khal (from lvl 5 up)
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