Quest adventuring Gateway Termination
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 5
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered Any
Prerequisites None
Starting Location Please add a starting location
Starting Chunk Isle of Dawn
Ending Chunk Isle of Dawn
Offered By (See Starting Step below.)
Quest Series Isle of Dawn Adventuring Timeline
Previous The Village
Concurrent with:
Next Invading Earth Den
XP Reward 158
Coin Reward Copper 40
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed

Starting StepEdit

Offered automatically after completing the previous quest, or by talking to Eni Jaderiver.

"Let us test this thing out. I want you to go back to the village and find those portals. Kill the worthless hobs that are calling the imps and close down the portals for good."

"If you lose your disc, then you will need to kill what hobgoblins and fire imps are left to get another one."


  • Portals Closed (0/3)

Interact with 3 different hobgoblin portals at Gai's Nousa in order to close them. A gateway disc must be on hand to do so. When done, retur to Eni Jaderiver at the fork in the road.

Action StepsEdit

Ending StepEdit

"Show no mercy, and you will deliver them to their Zalaz. You'll be doing them a favor, I say."


"Now that we know the disc works, we can use it to close more of their portals."

Quest RewardsEdit

Copper 40

Class Reward
Druid: Preserver's Gloves




Known IssuesEdit

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