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Overview[edit | edit source]

The second "sphere" of Vanguard is Crafting, and involves creating objects and items using recipes. Crafting recipes are each made up of a different set of actions that must be performed in a particular order. Each of these actions cost what is known as 'action points' and takes from the action pool. The maximum amount of action points available varies with each recipe. While crafting, certain complications may arise which may affect the crafting process. Complications are usually but not always detrimental. The player can attempt to correct complications and resume crafting. Through experimentation, players can discover new recipes and formulas.

Professions and Specializations[edit | edit source]

There are three crafting professions and each of them have two specializations available.

These professions are:

  • Artificers (Crafters using wood or stone)
    • make Jewelry, Boats, Houses, Furniture, Focus, Weapons, and carvings
  • Blacksmiths (Crafters using metals)
    • make Metal Weapons, Heavy Armor, Boat and Housing Parts, and Runes
  • Outfitters (Crafters using cloth and leather)
    • make Light and Medium Armor, Bags, Saddlebags, Mount Accessories, and Bandages

The player selects their crafting profession in their starter town.

The player can choose their specialization when they reach level 11 in the crafter class. It is possible to switch the specialization, but doing so will permanently remove all recipes of that specialization. The classes are Outfitter (Tailor or Leather-worker), Artificer (Carpenter or Mineralogist), and Blacksmith (Armorsmith or Weaponsmith).

Process[edit | edit source]

The Crafting process can be summarized in the following steps

  1. Acquire resources required for the recipe
    1. tools, utilities
    2. raw or refined materials (Blocks, Boards, Bolts, Ingots, Jewels, etc.)
  2. Use a crafting station
  3. Select a recipe
  4. Add items (Utilities and Catalysts) to your crafting table
  5. Perform actions to complete steps before you run out of action points
  6. Apply remedies if complications occur
  7. Obtain the item quality sesired (usually greater than Grade C, Grade A, or 100%)
  8. Loot the item at the end

Leveling[edit | edit source]

A character's crafting level is independent of its adventuring level. It is entirely possible to level exclusively in crafting without ever engaging in adventuring combat.

Crafting experience comes primarily from work orders. Work orders are obtained by Refining or Finishing Taskmasters which reside in larger settlements and outposts. The taskmaster will commission a work order and provide raw materials. The crafter then produces the requested items, receiving skill and monetary rewards in return.

Quests[edit | edit source]

There are also crafting quests and quest lines available to crafters. This include unlocking continental style recipes, Crafting Societies, and the occasional crafting quest NPC.

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