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Official DescriptionEdit

Sinister and devious, the goblins of the Kojani Archipeligo are practitioners of magic without equal. Along with their Orc clansmen, the magically adept goblins pose a dangerous threat to the rest of Telon, a threat that is tempered only by the warfare between their clans. While viewed by other races as vicious, evil, and disgusting beings, the goblins are a respected and respectful people to their friends and allies, the Orcs.

Goblin SocietyEdit

Playable Goblins hail from the city of Martok, along with the Orcs. Their standing in this society is mainly has magical aids to the Orcs, and providing spiritual advice with their Shamans.

Allies & EnemiesEdit

The denizens of Martok are at war with the Gulgrethor.

Famous GoblinsEdit