Quest reward from The Purification of Graystone.
Graystone Battleaxe of Purification
Icon20097 Graystone Battleaxe of Purification
Gold Membership Required
Great AxeTwo Hands
210 - 315 DamageSpeed 3.25
(80.62 Damage Per Second)
+37 Strength
+18 Constitution
+37 Hit Points
+87 Melee Accuracy Rating (3.81% vs Lvl 43)
+43 Melee Critical Hit Rating (1.88% vs Lvl 43)
Weapon Bonus:
Critical hits deal an additional 10% damage.
Required Level: 41 Adventuring
Item Level: 51
Required Class:
Dread Knight, Paladin, Warrior
This axe radiates with a divine light.


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