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Screenshot - Social / Guild Tab / LFM

Guilds are groups of players who band together for a common purpose. This purpose can be a similar roleplaying concept, a group of friends outside the game who want to stay together inside, or just to help one another advance through the game as fast as possible. In short, the reason for a guild to exist is entirely up to the guild’s members.

A character can belong to only one guild at a time.

A guild can be anything from a single player up to hundreds. All classes and levels can belong to a guild — the guild itself determines who it will admit.

Social tab guild tab guildinfo

Screenshot - Social / Guild Tab / Guild Info

Each guild has one player who is the guildmaster. The guildmaster names the guild and determines its policies and purpose, including setting the parameters for membership (including who can invite new members into the guild). The guildmaster can also appoint players as guild officers to help him or her run the organization. The guildmaster can even step aside to let another player run the guild.

Guild information and administration is accomplished using the Social window.

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