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Gulgrethor Soldier
Type: Humanoid
SubType: Orc
Aggressive: Yes & No
Class: Melee
Dots: 2
Lowest Level: 10
Highest Level: 12
Quests Available:
Spawn Timer:

Gulgrethor Soldier

Gulgrethor Soldier (2 Dot, Non-AND-Aggressive)


The Gulgrethor Soldiers reside in Khenvor as well as on the immediate outskirts of Khenvor.


Resists / ImmunitiesEdit

Special AttacksEdit


Note: There are TWO versions of this mob inside of Khenvor. They are on two separate factions, which is why some may be KOS initially while others may not. So it will depend on which faction the Gulgrethor Soldier sits that you will receive specific faction hits!

If the mob is initially KOS, his faction hits will be as follows:

  • Neg Gulgrethor of Khenvor Faction by 1.
  • Pos Martok Clan Faction by 1 (2 for Gold Members)

If the mob is initially Non-Aggressive (in most cases), his faction hits will be as follows:



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