Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard Saga of Heroes


Short, sturdy and amicable the halflings of Thestra seem to be bothered the least by the problems of the other races. For nearly a thousand years, they have been close with the humans and the two races interact and work together more than any others in Thestra.

Generally a peaceful race halflings will rarely start any sort of conflict, though when forced they will defend themselves with a surprising ferocity and resourcefulness. Their lifestyle lends itself well to agriculture and most who live in the halfling village of Rindol Field are indeed farmers. While the majority of halflings choose to stay close to their homes, it is not uncommon to see them in adventuring parties across Thestra.

Halflings have been known to be Warriors, Rangers, Rogues, Bards, Clerics and Druids.

Racial Abilities[]

- Halfling warriors: Pride of the Vael: This ability will add a vast amount of hate to a single target, and apply a buff on the Halfling for 30 seconds. All attacks during this time period will count for double agro. – recast time is 15 minutes.

- All other classes: Shroud of the Vael: this ability will remove 99% of agro from a single target but keep the Halfling in combat. Additionally, for 30 seconds afterwards, any spell cast or attack made will have its agro reduced to 1% of normal as well.


Post level 10, gain at each level: - +3 DEX - +1 WIS - +10 customization points

Adventuring Ability[]

- Small Race: 2% bonus to evasion

Crafting Ability[]

- +10 Reasoning

Harvesting Ability[]

- +5 Reaping