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Harvesting ClothesEdit

Just like the three main spheres of Vanguard, Harvesting clothing receives its own page on the character sheet. It has the same layout as the other spheres, with the exception that it has fewer slots for clothing and accessories. You can reach this page by clicking on the center icon on the far left of your character sheet.

Clothing is equipped the same as it is on the other pages, dragging and dropping works as well as left clicking on the item while it is in your backpack. You will also find the location for your toolbelt here. This is the bag that will hold all of your harvesting tools.

As you progress in skill and advance further in the Tiers, you should consider upgrading your harvesting clothing. The clothes you receive after doing your introductory quests have few bonuses and normally do not fill up every slot. You can purchase new clothing from either NPC Vendors or from player crafters. The only known crafting professions that can make harvesting clothes are the Outfitter and its sub professions: Leatherworking and Tailoring.

Vendor Supplied ClothingEdit

There are various NPC vendors throughout Telon who can offer you clothing. This clothing will not be as high a quality as the crafted clothing provided by actual players.


Crafted Harvesting ClothingEdit

The Outfitter and its sub-professions: Leatherworker and Tailor have the capability to craft or upgrade harvesting clothing. This can range from small enhancements to your harvesting skill to large increases in the amount you can harvest from a resource node.


Harvest clothes are one of the few crafted items that
are required to be 100% Grade A in order to have the
best results.

Less then 100% will affect the amount you will harvest
during a harvesting session.

Tier 1Edit

At Tier 1, there are no specialized options available and only general harvesting bonuses and improvements to the amount harvested.

Tier 2Edit

At Tier 2, Boots can be specialized.

Tier 3Edit

At Tier 3, Boots can be made from rare materials.

Tier 4Edit

At Tier 4, Boots and gloves can be specialed and rare.

Rare versions, increase the amount harvested.

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