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Harvesting EquipmentEdit

As with the three main spheres of Vanguard, Harvesting has a page devoted to it on your Character Sheet. You can find this page by clicking on the center icon on the far left of the Character Sheet. You will see a similar layout to the other three, with the exception that it does not provide as many slots for accessories or clothing.

There are 5 slots on this sheet allocated for clothing and one slot for the harvesting toolbelt.


In order to advance to the next tier of harvesting, you need to learn how to do so from a book. This books are available from the Harvesting Supply Vendor. The books become usable when your specialist harvesting skills hit 85, 185, 285, and 385.


The toolbelt is essentially a bag that is used to hold all of your harvesting tools. The toolbelt has enough room to hold one of each type of tool. This makes it easier for a harvester to participate in group harvesting.



Harvesting tools play a major role in your ability to successfully harvest large amounts of resources from a node. When you first learn harvesting, the trainer will have very basic tools for you to use and upgrading these tools should be a priority as you gain more skill and progress up the different Tiers.

Crafted ToolsEdit

There are a number of upgraded tools available to the Harvester, but the best will most likely be provided by player crafters. Both Blacksmith Specializations are able to create them.

On Tier 1, there is only one version of each harvester tools, with no prerequisites at all.

On Tier 2 and above, there are 3 versions of every harvester tool: the normal harvester, the normal specialized, and the rare specialized.

The normal harvester tools have a requirement in the general harvester skill of a character. To use a Tin Harvester Tool, you need to have a harvester skill of 100. Per Tier, this requirement increases by another 100.

Likewise, the specialized versions of tools, whether normal or rare, need a certain value in the special skill. It is not possible to use these tools if the skill in question is not your primary or secondary harvester skill; you will have to use a Harvester version instead.

If you are unable to find a crafter to provide an upgrade for your harvesting tools, various vendors can supply you with an alternate.







Harvest / Blessed ToolsEdit

The recipe for these tools is obtained from The Banishers in New Targonar.  At level 42, you can get the recipe from them.

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