The zone contains an immense canyon ridge on the north end, stretching from Dragonweir at the east end (in Temple of Dailuk zone) to the entrance of Pankor Zhi at the western end. The main fort of Hathor Zhi, along with an immense wall called "Hathor's Sentinel" lie at the northwestern edge. Upon the plateau lies Evendusk Fortress.

The central section of the canyon is infested with Aeokor rebels, continually warring with the established Dark Elf monarchy. Various scorpions, lizards, pangolins, slitherwings, and the occasional skeleton make themselves a nuisance to residents of the region.

In the skies, one can see majestic wyrms bred by the dark elves flying about.

The southern section of the zone contains some ponds and a scorched forest along the boundary to Coterie Infineum Sanctum. Elementals, petrified treants, fried trolls, and dark hounds prowl in this section.


Hathor Zhi Adventuring Quest[edit | edit source]

Hathor zhi Diplomatic Quest[edit | edit source]

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