Ichtakhta Impulse Card: Ichtakhta Impulse
Seal: blue
Influence: 5
Cost: 0030
Expression to Opponent: 1000
Expression to Player: 00-10
Refresh Timer: 4-7

This card is available for use by the following players: All

This card drops as loot: Ichtakhta

Drops from the following mobs:

  • Proletarian Grexrel (L46-48 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Proletarian Yasikix (L46-48 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Proletarian Ixaclial (L46-48 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Ichtakhta Counsellor (L46-47 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Ichtakhta Royalguard (L45-46 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Ichtakhta Consort (L45-46 4*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Ichtakhta Bloodhook (L46-47 2*) in Ichtakhta.
  • Ichtakhta Headhunter (L45-46 2*) in Flordiel and Vsurog Moor.
  • Sandscythe (L36-37 2*) in Jathred's Twist.
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