Icon20040 Impervious Chitin Breastplate
Gold 1Silver 34Copper 75
Heavy Chest Armor
907 Armor Class
+16 Strength
+32 Dexterity
+248 Hit Points
+186 Melee Accuracy Rating (5.03% vs Lvl 50)
+63 Melee Mitigation Rating (1.70% vs Lvl 50)
Activated Ability: Form of the Ichtakhta
Transforms the wearer into an Ichtakhtan,
increasing maximum hit points by 950. 30 Second
Duration. 15 Minute Cooldown.
Required Level: 45
Item Level: 53
Required Class:
Paladin, Cleric, Dread Knight, Warrior


 [[Category:Paladin Equipment]]
 [[Category: Cleric Equipment]]
 [[Category: Dread Knight Equipment]]
 [[Category: Warrior Equipment]]


  • Upgraded armor from the Ichtakhta Swamp Armor line.
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