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Overview Edit

These Insignias are "free give aways" diplomacy necklace items from the cities to adventurers of at least adventuring level 10. Each has three presences, with a +25 magnitude to each. Click to see the clothing values on each. Note that the Dwarf City Registrar is now on the current build, and is giving out the Dwarf Insignia (the value has been added to the appropriate article).

Thestran Insignia Edit

Registrar Location
  • West Watch Barracks (68652, -16554, 37718)
  • Next to the mayor, exotic crafting goods.
  • In front of the Queen's Palace, next to a column
  • Rear of King Dargun Flamehammer's Statue. -11356, -68364, 86971
  • In the High council room
  • In front of the King's Hall (on the platform above the exchange broker)
  • Silvermane Hut/High Council Hut -27400, -31150, 19375
  • On the platform leading to the Chamber of the Warchief. -2350, 14500, 54601

Qalian Insignia Edit

Registrar Location
  • Port Authority
  • Near the mailbox
  • Near Praefect Vhaerag (up the hallway to the left of the Dark Elf racial trainer in Hathor Zhi)
  • Next to the "residence of General Irinas Ulaben" in the "city" part of Mekalia

Kojani Insignia Edit

Registrar Location
  • Shaeryn Caneela, ouside the chamber of Sun, by the sign for Council of Wardens (going up the ramp)
  • Greskini Shikini
  • Orimaki Kaniu, Outside of the Adventuring Training hall, standing beside First Scholar Li Huan.

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