Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard Saga of Heroes

The Isle of Dawn is the prime starting location for all new characters created within Vanguard.

An overview of the Isle


"The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle.

Due to the mysterious loss of the bulk of their defenders, the humans are barely able to defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically seek aid. The isle is desperately in need of heroes and you have decided to answer that call.

P.S. Don't feed the Tenby."

- The official in-game description of the Isle of Dawn

The Isle of Dawn is a concentrated starting area aimed strongly to ease both new and returning players into the world of Telon. Its features include:

  • Rewarding 'saga' questlines for all three gameplay spheres which teach the beginning to intermediate specifics of each sphere, along with many other 'side' quests.
  • An area of concentrated resource nodes to ensure players are able to get a foothold in their harvesting skills before leaving the Isle.
  • Content only available through the Isle such as titles and items.

The Isle is completely separated from the main world of Telon although players are still able to chat with friends and join guilds whilst there. As such there are some restrictions which may be noted:

  • All players are limited to level 10 in the gameplay spheres. Specifically players may reach level ten and continue to earn experience to 99.99% toward level 11 - any experience gained after this is wasted.
  • Players on the Isle will not have access to mailboxes, the global exchange or banks until they leave the Isle.

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