These quests take place on the Isle of Dawn. The journal level of the quest is shown in parentheses after the quest name.

Tentrees' FarmsteadEdit

Tan Fen Greatcloud

Kiri Tentrees

Veteran Sixfish

Rin Go Tentrees

Xao MarshlandsEdit

Hom On Ovis

Gai's NousaEdit

Eni Jaderiver

Onu Whiteleaf

Earth DenEdit

Koi Le Trueverse

Sun VillageEdit

Elder Wen Starbrook

Khu Fa Goldmerit

Daw Redbridge

Eii-chi Blacksong

Ju Ricefield

Lix Luckkin

Magistrate's HouseEdit


Ozu No Redturtle

House of Shining WavesEdit

Ish Dai Snowcrane

Raikil Windflower

Hoangsu Halfmoon

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