Humans came to the Kojani Archipelago to make it a part of a large sea empire. A culture of unity and devotion to family, Emperor, and Empire, the kojani have created a unique environment for themselves on Kojan. Deeply spiritual and introspective, the kojani draw deeply from the life-force known as Jin. A kojani warrior is rarely simply a master of weaponry, but knows something of history, magic, and poetry as well. Governed by an Emperor and his ten Magistrates, the kojani people pay deference to their social betters, and show respect to those lower than themselves. Nearly all kojani follow the Way of Harmony, a way of life that emphasizes working toward the greater good of their society and Jin.

Their home, Tanvu, is a large fishing village beside a deep, protected bay. Surrounded by pillars crackling with magical energy, Tanvu and the kojani find themselves under constant siege by the otherworldly ulvari and their ravenous allies.

Taciturn, inscrutable, and honest, the kojani find themselves trusted and respected by other races, but rarely loved. kojani are great generalists, capable of being Warriors, Paladins, Dread Knights, Rogues, Monks, Bards, Disciples, Blood Mages, Sorcerers, Psionicists, or Necromancers.

Racial Ability Edit

- Spirit of Jin - This ability will immediately restore 45% of energy and hit points to the target. Also has diminishing effects, preventing the same target from receiving more than 1 spirit of jin within a 10 minute period. This ability has a 30 minute cooldown.

Attributes Edit

Post level 10, gain at each level: - +14 customization points

Adventuring Ability Edit

- Human Ingenuity + 10 bonus to all weapon skills, and dodge.

Crafting Ability Edit

- +10 Ingenuity

Harvesting Ability Edit

- +5 Lumberjacking

Starter Town StoryEdit

The Emperor and his Magistrates have entrusted you to assist his soldiers in pacifying Shang Village. Loyalty and justice are the strength of the humans of Kojan, and these virtues must be upheld as the war against the Ulvari and their allies continues. With the fiendish Ulvari pressing in on all sides, the empire can ill-afford rebellion from the Jin Masters taking refuge in this village.

Their connection to the life-force, Jin, is respected, but their disloyalty threatens us all. Too many trust in the magical shield that protects the city of Tanvu from our foes, but the Emperor understands the need for action and the need to adopt an offensive strategy.

The poets of our people stand ready to record the end of the Ulvari incursion to our world, and we will not let those tree dwelling clans to the south beat us to it! With these foes before us, and the ever-looming threat from the Martok trive of orcs and goblins, you have an opportunity to achieve greatness for you and your family line.

Beware those who seek to turn you from the Way of Harmony, serve the empire, and prepare yourself for battle!

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