• 1. NPC Ulo Mossbeard
  • 2.Queen Klaver'Nikt 9x4 (Termite Queen)
    • Magically Infused Termite Matriarch 9x4
  • 3. Charged Malevolent Source Sprite 8x4
  • 4. Verdant Guardian 10x3
  • 5. Empowered Malevolent Source Sprite 10x4
  • 6. Gilda Varde 10x4 (The Green Witch)
    • The Green Witch 10x4


  • [7] The Source Elixar Given By: NPC Korvaj Varsooth. (the NPC is located on top of the cave but he moves / teleports from spot to spot. Might have to hang out to find him)
    Fill an empty jar with source elixir and return to him.*::Reward: Coin/XP
  • [8] Fir is Murder (Small Group) Given By: Ulo Mossbeard (Inside the Lair)
    Kill 5 Devoured Guardians.*::Reward: coin/XP
    • [8] Kill The Queen (Small Group) Given By: Ulo Mossbeard (Inside the Lair)
      Retrieve the Termite Matriarch's Antenna**::Reward: coin/XP
      • [8] A Sticky Delivery Given By: Ulo Mossbeard (Inside the Lair)
        Take the Moss covered stick to Angela at the Tavern***::Reward: Green weapon or Focus
        • [8] An unpleasent Task Given By: Angela Varde (Tavern)
          Bring Back the Heart of The Green Witch****::Reward: Blue Mask

Dark Horse Track Quests

  • [8] Pollen Sprite Essence Collection Given By: Angela Varde
    Collect 8 Pollen Sprite Essence*::Reward: coin/XP
    • [8] Overgrowth (Small Group )Given By: Angela Varde
      Search for Ulo Mossbead at the Lair of the Green Witch**::Reward: coin/XP
  • [8] A Rare Find Given By: Veer Gilte (Ouside the Tavern, and the quest only shows up if you have a flower in your inventory)
    Find a Mutated Verdant Flower*::Reward: coin/XP (Repeatable)

Any time you kill a tree dude it has a chance to drop a Mutated Verdant Flower.. Bring it to Veer for extra xp.

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